We take a compassionate and sensitive approach to financial recovery in order to provide you with ‘best in class’ service.

If you’ve received a letter or phone call from us, you’re in the right place. We are here to help and offer easy solutions.

  • Estate Accounts – Our clients ask us to manage and support accounts after they are notified a customer unfortunately passed away.

    Our initial communication is sent to the customer’s last known address in an attempt to identify the Executor or Authorised Individual on the account.

    If you are the Authorised Individual for the Estate referenced in our letter, please contact us.

If you feel we contacted you in error, please contact us and we will update our records.  Contact information:



We operate with humility, caring, and respect, striving to provide exceptional customer service during difficult circumstances.

“We all cannot thank you and all the team at Phillip & Cohen enough for all the support and sincere kind words during this terrible time. The support of people like yourselves makes a very emotional time a little easier.”

Mrs Alcock

“Please allow me to thank your staff for their sincerity and compassion in dealing with this issue, it made an already difficult situation no harder than it had to be for which I am very grateful and I hope that the staff in this department know their kindness made a difference.”

Mrs Bernardi

“You are the most compassionate person I’ve spoken to. It has been really hard with the death in the family and everyone else is treating me like a number. I appreciate your understanding.”

Ms Wotherspoon