Consumer Retail Solutions

Consumer debt owed directly to retail entities presents a unique problem in the debt collection industry – consumers who currently owe retailers an overdue balance also continue to be future potential customers.

Phillips & Cohen Associates understands the importance of balancing the recovery of outstanding balances while preserving brand loyalty for future sales. We recognize the value of every retail brand and the costs associated with creating a reputation in the marketplace.

Detailed Retail Knowledge

Phillips & Cohen Associates provides cost-effective solutions to favourably resolve outstanding balances owed by consumers. We employ a host of proprietary data resources allowing us to manage high volumes of accounts and score them accurately in order to prioritize recovery. By analysing demographics, geography, and a variety of metrics and variables, we determine the optimal recovery approach to each account.

Customized Approach

Our trained staff understands how to locate and engage individuals, resulting in a record for successful collection performance. We utilize proven collection practices geared toward the specific attributes of each account. Our methods include mail, live phone, automated phone, and online response.

Our staff is highly trained and motivated to achieve results while never forgetting that the customer represents potential future business for our clients. We provide dedicated personnel who are assigned to optimize the recovery opportunity on each individual retail account.

By engaging with Phillips & Cohen Associates, retailers take advantage of our specialized knowledge and services in order to experience significantly higher ROI. We help retailers resolve consumer debts, retain customer relationships, and positively impact their bottom line.